• React packagešŸ“¦ to render FAQ section.
  • Supports HTML markup in content section.
  • View the Demo.
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  • Easily schedule and monitor any recurring tasks.
  • Get instant notification when your website is down.
  • Status page List all your monitor status in a public page.
  • Metric insights Get rich analytics on critical metrics of your jobs and monitors.
  • React packagešŸ“¦ to render an overlay/modal.
  • Supports controlled behavior through config.
  • View the Demo.
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  • React packagešŸ“¦ to render accordion component.
  • Supports controlled behavior through props.
  • View the Demo.
  • releaseopen issueslicenseTest StatusBuild Statusreleaserelease

  • A simple, accessible audio player built using Reactjs and Howlerjs.
  • Uses semantic elements for UI.
  • Supports Keyboard events/ controls.
  • View the Demo.
  • releaseopen issueslicenseTest StatusBuild Statusreleaserelease
  • Convert your audio files to accurate text more effectively.
  • It's Faster, More Effective and Highly Affordable.
  • View, edit and save transcript text.
REST Studio
  • A Simple HTTP client built using react-native.
  • Simple UI to build HTTP requests and re-use previous request.
  • Add requests to collection and publish API documentation.
SQL Studio
  • Connect and access your business data from different relational databases.
  • Easily create report with smart report builder.
  • Stay connected with your business data anytime, anywhere from your mobile.
  • A simple widget to display your github profile and repositories.
  • Uses web component to create profile widget.
  • View the Repo.
  • A sample opinionated template to build npm packages.
  • Uses: Reactjs, Babel, SCSS, Rollup, GitHub Actions, Linting